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Our Team

We know it takes a tremendous amount of trust and courage to ask for help with your family. At STARR Family Behavioral Health, we provide the highest trained and specialized staff to help you with your journey.

Empowerment. Growth. Courage. Commitment.   




Doug Loertscher


Jessica Trent

Program Director  

Rosa Corona-Zambrano

Office Manager 

Joyce Lee

Visitor Relations Specialist




Our licensed master and clinical therapists bring many different specialties to address a variety of behavioral concerns. Please discuss your unique needs when making your appointment. 


Keely Adams, LCPC

Clinical Supervisor

Gretchen Kafka, LCPC

Clinical Community Supervisor

Brent Jackson, LMSW

Jacqueline Taylor, LCSW

Roma Hawkins, LCSW

Stephanie Ranson, LMSW

Rita Fell, LMSW

Case Management

Our highly qualified specialists provide services in the home, school, and community. We pride ourselves in working with only the most qualified, motivated, and compassionate professionals. Many of the individuals we employ to provide Case Management Support and CBRS Services, Respite Services, and Targeted Care Coordinated hold masters degrees and advanced training and experience in the field. 


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